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Technology we use


What technology do we use.

We use a process called sublimation printing.

In the printing world, the term sublimation is used to describe heat-activated inks that change into a gas when heated and have the ability to bond with ceramic, polyester, acrylic and other surfaces.

Using an inkjet printer and special dye-sublimation inks the desired image is printed to special sublimation transfer paper.  The transfer paper is then placed on the sublimation-ready product using various pressure devices.  The sublimation product with the attached transfer paper is then placed in an oven or on a heat press.  The heating process activates the ink in the transfer paper and changes the ink into a gas.  At the same time, the heat causes a molecular change (greater porosity) in the surface of the sublimation product.  The sublimation product then absorbs the gas resulting in a transfer of the image on the transfer paper to the sublimation product.  A pressure of approximately 40lbs. per square inch is needed to insure that the gaseous vapor is forced inside the surface of the sublimation product. When the sublimation product is removed from heat its polymer surface cools and regains its original qualities with the ink gases trapped within the surface of the product. Much like a tattoo, the image is below the surface, protected from the elements that could cause a decal to scratch, fade or peel.

The full color benefits of sublimation and the finish offer spectacular results.  Due to ink impregnating the sublimation product polymer surface there is much greater durability than other transfers.  Sublimated images are extremely washable, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe because the image is protected within the surface.  Sublimation can be applied to floor tiles and withstand daily foot traffic.
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